Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hiking within the Austin area

My search engine challenge was to suggest a good place to go hiking within 60 miles of Austin.

My suggestion is the Buescher Hiking Trail in Smithville, Texas. According to the Web site, the Buescher Hiking Trail is 4.2 miles long and is located in Buescher State Park. The park is located at the western end of Lost Pines, according to the site, where hikers can view pine trees and can visit other nearby parks, such as Bastrop State Park.

The site suggests other hiking trails close to Austin and includes a map that pinpoints the various hiking destinations in that particular area.

My search for this topic was simple. I went to Google and typed "hiking trips within 60 miles of austin, texas" into the search bar. The Web site I used to find my suggestion was the third link on the "results" page.

Most of the links on the same page -- including the one I used for my suggestion -- refrenced the book 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: San Antonio and Austin by Tom Taylor and Johnny Molloy, published in 2003.


LungerN said... is a really cool website with a lot of other information besides hiking; Golf guides, biking resources, segway tours, swimming spots.

Its legit.

Jessie Spielvogel said... gives you details about eveerryytthiinng! It's very helpful for things like this.

Paige said...

I agree with Jessie, I use anytime I'm looking for anything in Austin. It's easy to navigate and they have just about anything you need.