Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Website Credibility

Okay so I’m doing because it's a gossip website obviously, but because it draws a lot of attention.

Content: is a completely finished blog site, it is being constantly updated and the layout changes day to day with different themes. So say if Perez Hilton, the creator of the site, is wanting to advertise a show, he will make the background of the site a picture of the show’s cast and what time and date it will premiere. The audience of the site is the general public, it's just an informative site of celebrities and other issues. And there is some bias information on there, although Hilton does generally give the right information, he does slant it for his opinion. For example, the Miss America contestant from California , Carrie Prejean, he didn’t like at all, so he would give information and news about her, he would call her names and bash her. He has internal links on the site, so say if one of the titles is “Wacky but true” you can click that link and it will take you to all the other posts under, “wacky but true.” Outside sources do support his information because he generally is right and if it's not, he will correct himself. Hilton’s site is not scholarly supported because it's simply a celebrity gossip blog site.

Perez Hilton is the creator of this page. He has no credentials because he simply just made a blog page of celebrity gossip that has become very popular for his information. There are a few ways to reach Hilton, he has his e-mail address listed on the page to reach him and you can comment on this blogs too. There are no associations or affiliations on his page because again, it is a celebrity blog site. It is not clearly stated on who sponsors his site but it is a .com site. You can't back track the url because the site is so that is the home page. But if you click through other categories it can take you to different parts of the site and you can always back track to the home page. The site is predominately accurate, he does use outside sources but always keeps them confidential. If he gets information from another place he does credit them in his posts. However, if he is ever wrong with information, he does state the he was wrong and puts the correct information up. And there is no non-web version of this site.

The site isn’t very, professional looking, but it doesn’t look unprofessional either. There is a lot of advertisements making the page look busy. I haven’t seen any grammar problems but he does purposely misspell words just for the style of the articles. The page is easy to navigate you can find your away around it easily. If there is a certain topic you are wanting to find, you can just type in the name and it will pull up all the information on that person or event up for you in an archive. Hilton does have image and sound bites for the different stories and they all function properly. However some of the images can be a bit inappropriate but it's just Hilton adding his own “touch” to his stories by drawing on faces and what not. You can google “Perez Hilton” and his site is the first one to pop up on google search. All the advertisements are on the side and bottom of the site and the stories are always in the middle. It's a busy site with all the advertisements, but it's clear and easy to read and find information. He uses meta tags and divs for his page construction.

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