Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Movie, and then there's Me :)

A little about the movie in class...I enjoyed it and thought it was very interesting, even though half the time I felt like they were speaking spanish about pods and papers being ripped up sent in different directions and then finding their place but never stopping. Very confusing stuff. I find it facinating that I can use a computer every day but I do not understand how they came up with them in the first place! My favorite part was about the guy who just happened to build the "killer app" aka Email. I liked this because he didnt even have to! Very cool!

And then there's me...My name is Lauren Marshall and I have so many hobbies that it would take me an hour to complete this blog since I only have 3o minutes before class I will sum it up. I love my photography and anything that has to do with creativity, I enjoy writing, singing, and dancing (IE in my apt alone because I am terrible). I like to work on cars, and I have a 69 Mustang Fastback. I have a VW GTI daily driver that is a lemon, and it breaks down every week. I love music and I am addicted to Third Eye Blind Pandora, and basically Pandora Radio in general. I dispise Justin Bieber for popping up on my Pandora Radio and really wish that he would go through puberty, so I could maybe take him seriously. I am not conventional and can be overwhelming at first, but most people grow to like me or at least stand my extrovertedness (I think I made that word up). I like to have a good time and am always down for a great party!

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