Monday, July 12, 2010

Intro Post - Kristy Hilbig

Since transferring to Texas State and furthering my studies of Mass Communication, I feel that I have learned a lot. However, I have yet to find one certain aspect of Journalism that I wish to make my career. I love writing, photography, and layout & design. I take more pictures than most people I know and I have scrapbooks filled with my pictures, drawings and own personal designs of creative magazine type layouts. I would love to get some experience working for a magazine and gain more of an idea of what goes into producing the final product. I think I would love working for Marie Claire, Self, Allure, Elle, Glamour, InStyle, or Vogue. For me, I think one of the most exciting jobs would be interviewing people I find fascinating.

I found the video we watched really interesting. I was somewhat surprised when, at the beginning, they said the internet could be compared to the wheel and fire. Although, the more I thought about it, the more I agreed. Had I been born before way before the Internet came along, I wonder if I would be more amazed by it than I actually am. I feel as though I was introduced to computers at a young age and by the time the Internet was really successful, it was something that kids were expected to know about. I remember long ago, when my friend John sent me my first email and I am fairly certain that this took place while I was in middle school. I feel silly now remembering how excited I was to receive my first ever email, even if it was only one sentence long! The video listed a few things that the Internet is: email, chat rooms, a shopping mall. What will it amount to in the next 10 years? Is there anything that is absolutely forbidden from being on the Internet? I think it's interesting how they said that they were still working on the... packets, I think it was, when they were sent off. I found it more interesting that they said they were still working on things and they could have KEPT working on things in regards to that project. I wonder what would've happened had they not sent it? There must be constant changes to the system we call the Internet. I imagine that if they had kept working on it, they may never have gotten around to perfecting it to their absolute satisfaction. I enjoyed learning about Ray Tomlinson. The @ symbol is so universal now, it's hard to imagine a time when it did not exist.

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