Thursday, July 29, 2010


The site I will be evaluating is

This site is for used the dance community. It is a tool to put up choreography, meet other dancers, learn about auditions and basically anything a dancer could ask for.

The title of homepage says - YOUR online dance community connection!. The audience for this website is dancers and the content definitely is designed for them. All of the external links work.

There is no author, or contact to author of the website, listed but they have copyrighted the site since 2009. Many dance events and competitions sponsor the site and it is obviously stated. The site is very accurate and there is no way to back track. There is also no non-web version of the site.

The site is very professional looking, but I will say it is also a little cluttered. The grammar, spelling and punctuation is correct, but the site is a little confusing to use. All of the pictures, videos and text support the overall theme of the website. The way I found out about this website is through advertisement and YouTube. There source code isn't anything special.

Overall I like the website because it promotes dancing unity. I still find it hard to use this website if I wanted to become a member of it. I can't imagine how it would be for someone who doesn't dance.

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