Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Evaluation of KHOU.com

The website I chose to evaluate is Khou.com, and it is a news station in Houston, TX. I chose this website because I find them to be very credible.

Khou.com is always under construction, but it is never apparent. It is updated constantly throughout the day. This website it titled: khou.com Houston News, Local News, Breaking News,
Weather. The audience is obviously people living in and around the Houston area, but the website can be viewed by anyone anywhere who needs to know Houston News. There does not seem to be a slant or bias in any of the information, which is part of the reason why I like this website. It just reports the news as it comes. There are many links to other sites, articles, and advertisements, and they all seem to work just fine. Most open in a new window, and all seem very credible and relate to the main page, except the advertisements they are random.

This website was created by Khou and does not have a specific person they are giving credit to. They are pretty credible since they are a news station in Houston. They have many affiliations with many different people and places around Houston. It looks like they do a lot with the Red Cross, Newspapers, and other Houston companies. They also have a yellow pages section that is cool, because you can click on a topic and find people. You cannot back track the URL any further than the original khou.com. The website seems very credible and has many articles that have where the information came from posted.

Khou.com is very professional looking. Each page flows perfectly with the next. It is very busy, but that is expected for a news website. The layout is easy to follow and very nicely put together. Each page has a specific header and looks very similar to the main page. The images on the website are very well done. However, there are weather maps across the top that are a little too much and could be toned down or possibly put on their own page. When searched in Google this website is the very first to come up on the search. The website has its advertisements and articles all in a specific format, which seems relatively repetitive throughout the website. The ads are further toward the bottom and do not distract from the main information from the page. The source code looks confusing, and thats really all I can say about it.

Overall, I find this website very credible, and this is why I have it bookmarked on my MacBook!

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