Monday, July 12, 2010

A critique of "The Internet: Behind the Web." O and Hi, I'm David!

Having introduced ourselves, I'll just say that after this class I'll have a piece of paper. That's it. Being a graduate in general mass communication will only get me as far as the experience and practical usefullness I have to provide in the job market. And that's why I'm in this class and very excited to be here!

On to the documentary...

I think that the internet and the sharing of files across an endless network of intersecting electric signals makes the invention of the internet the most influential idea of this millenium. It expands endlessly and will change the world as we know it as information availability continues to set records every day.
And I agree with the saying that the internet is on par with the invention of the wheel, fire, and the printing press. In fact, I'd go to say in a short amount of time we will see just how much further the impact of the internet will have on humankind than even those aforementioned!

Good evening and goodnight.

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