Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Internet Movie

Insight from the movie: demand access and distributive control... in other words, we get what we want when we want it and nobody gets control over the information that is on the web. That unveiling of secrecy gives everybody the same edge once enjoyed by the KKK, the illuminati, and real estate agents: control of information. (see: freakanomics)

Insight about me: I love all GOOD music.... from single frame to t-bone walker; from gogol bordello to cab calloway to violent femmes to the pinebox boys. If they're doing their own thing and they're good at it, then I will listen. My only other passion is living in the austin-hill country area, where I can wake up and go wakeboarding and then tube the river and hike the greenbelt and still go downtown for monday night blues and drunken russian foot-stomping gypsy music all in the same day. Also, I like people who can shoot laser beams out of their eyes.

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