Thursday, July 15, 2010

Intro and Video

So, I did this post like two days ago and when I looked at this blog today I realized it didn't post. So, I will be re-writing the post I meant to originally post.

The video we watched in class was old, it was also full of great information. The fact that the internet is only about 40 years old amazes me. It surpassed all other communicational inventions that have ever been with in this short time frame. I also find it funny that email was basically an accident. E-mail was his side project, then it became this huge phenomena. All I know is that I couldn't live without the internet!

Now, it is time to share info about who I am. My name is Daniel Glaze. Here is a fact sheet about me:
I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but was raised in North Austin.
I went to Running Brushy Middle School then graduated from Leander High School in '07.
I was on the step team in high school and step and dance have been a huge passion of mine for along time.
I am a devout Catholic, I love my faith.
I am a "professional" dancer. I teach hip-hop here in San Marcos at the Pointe Dance Studio. Ages range from 4-Adult.
I will hopefully graduate in May!
I run a youtube channel called DGlazeAllDay...check it out
Other then that you can ask me anything you want cause I'm an open book!

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