Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesdays Post

Online businesses have skyrocketed in the past decade. At first, the only two online retailers were eBay and Amazon. These two companies decided that they were going to take the internet to a different level; they would make it business, not just to goof around. As the users for the sites increase, the internet’s possibilities increase too. Amazon has had its pros and cons online, but they would rather keep the pricing lower to make more growth than raise the price to make more profit. The saying was “get big fast.” In The Long Trail, it talks about how convenient online retailers can be. Between iTunes, Netflix and Amazon, buying and selling have made a big change. Amazon can help sell books that crashed and burned at first by their “we recommend this too.” With movies, if you like documentaries, you won’t find them at Blockbuster, but Netflix is known to have movies of any kind, including documentaries. In the Free! article, I think it’s smart to give something away with another item that people need and want. I typically will buy something if I want to try it out if it is on something I know I need. His boss did have good advice: invent something people could throw away. Many people buy plastic silverware and paper plates so they don’t have to deal with cleaning dishes. EBay and Amazon are still in business because they understand you have to get fundamentally to people. I think the businesses that sell retail online right will stay in business. As long as they have the customer in mind first since they are entrusting their credit card won’t get stolen then they will be ok.

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