Monday, March 15, 2010

SXTXST- Peter Halliburton

I decided to start off reading about SX from Sunday, I figured there would be quite a bit going on. The post I was reading was titled, "Covering SXSWi." It basically just had a few photos that gives outsiders an idea of what SX is all about, as well as who all attends. It shows a group of grad students all charging there equipment as well as photos of parts of the conference itself.
My favorite picture however is the one of a huge pile of legos for people to play with to clear there heads from looking at LCD screens all day. I also enjoyed the photo that shows a crowded room, all filled with Mac users. The author made a joke, pointing out one of the fellow grad students who was using a PC.

Another one of the articles that I enjoyed reading was titled, "Process Journalism: Getting it First, While Getting it Right." This article dealt with the importance of utilizing your technological resources to bring breaking news to the media, without sending out/ reporting the incorrect message.
Other than this topic, the session also seemed to focus on programs and there credibility. One that seemed to be discussed in more depth in particular was Wikipedia. the article states that on Wikipedia, "There are 365 million unique visitors a month, with 15 millions articles in over 270 languages." That is an awful lot of potential posting on topics, taking away from the websites overall credibility.

The final article I will be discussing in this post is from Sunday as well and is "The Inside Workings of" Although, before today, I was not familiar with, I am now, and I already have enjoyed it a lot. I think that it has an awesome concept in the fact that users can comment/interact with the famous people that created it.
As a strong supporter and follower of numerous HBO series shows, I am very excited to see what comes of this. In a time when shows like SNL, and that sort are not doing exceptional, although it is risky, it is necessary to think outside of the box and head in a new direction.

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