Monday, March 1, 2010

Web Credibility:

One magazine that I have enjoyed reading since elementary school has been National Geographic, so I chose to do my Web credibility assignment on their Web site. The magazine has been circulation since 1888 and became available to Web users in 1996. The site, like the magazine, focuses on geography, popular science, world history, culture, current events and photography of places and things all over the world. The site is updated daily and is available to all ages. They even have a specific page dedicated to kids and a link where readers can and go and blog about various subject matters pertaining to the content available on the site.

The “Contact” page is a little overwhelming as there are several contacts to choose from. However, after reading over the options, I noticed that the different means of contact just depend on what the reader needs help with. The domain name is just the same as the magazine,, which makes it easier for a reader of the magazine to find the Web site because it isn’t shortened, abbreviated, or called something else all together. The user can also backtrack in the URL to get more information about the site.

As far as appearance, the site was put together very professionally and is very easy to navigate through. The typography and color choices go very well with the content of the Web site and each individual page. For example, the “Kids” page is decorated with bright colors (yellows, greens, etc.) and easy-to-read typography and content that would be appealing to a child’s eye, whereas the page titled “Environment”—which is aimed for a more mature audience—has neutral colors and basic typography. The different pages on the site are free of GSP errors and are designed/ written specifically to the audience that would be viewing /reading it. The articles, photos and videos (which function properly and have great quality) are all credited.

Overall, the way the site is set up is very professional and appropriate for the different audiences that are viewing the site. The articles, pictures and videos are from professional sources which makes the site credible. After stemming from a world-wide published magazine available in 32 different languages, so credibility isn’t a concern of mine. My only concern is that some of the pages contain a lot of text and links and user could get easily lost and overwhelmed. However, since there is so much to choose from, this could work as an advantage.

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