Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday SXSW

Alright, it looks like I am first post! One of the first articles that I read the whole way through was the one discussing social media and China. It definitely changed some of the stereotypes I had heard about China. I've read several different articles about specific content being restricted by the Chinese government or about specific artists being banned as well. It was interesting to hear the other side of the argument and how involved the country is in expanding social medias.

I also enjoyed reading the summary of the panel addressing "Selling Sub-Culture without Selling Out." I think this is a relevant, sensitive issue that I would have really enjoyed being at to hear more. The conflict between the two ideals of "rich, corporate, evil giant" vs. "poor, hard-working artist with integrity" has been around for quite some time and most people see only one side. I like how this panel is working toward navigating a path between the two. It's particularly relevant with companies, businesses, or websites working to develop their niche audiences and still make a living.

Of note, the video from the Tarantino article is really funny, and it is always funny to see Will Ferrell playing former president Bush.

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