Monday, March 1, 2010


Everyone enjoys their own source of entertainment. In today's society there is such a craze about celebrities and what they do in their life. I must admit sometimes I like to peek and stay updated on the latest dish of gossips or "news". Maybe one I might be an infotainer dishing out the daily entertainment, but for now I like to monitor different website to see what's going on.

The website, is one of those fun spots I like to visit. Y-B-F is an acronym for young, black and fabulous. It does have a bit of a slant because it focuses on minority celebrities. The audience would include people who like to know about celebrities, so that may not be everyone. It's considered a gossip site and not all the information is accurate or credible. The website was created June 29th 2005, and is continually updated. It is a colorful page and attractive to look at, full of pictures, videos and different typography. The links are internal and external and do work properly, although there are times when the site is down due to maintenance and can not be accessed.

Natasha Eubanks created the site. She is obsessed with celebrities, and not a professional but considered one in celeb gossip. There are outlets to contact the editor , give tips and participate in chat rooms. The association to the information is not made clear. It's a .com page so it's a public website that someone created. I am not able to backtrack the website to find out more information about the creator.

It is not professional looking, it looks as though someone took on a hobby. The information is all over the page and not very organized. It is easy to use all a reader has to do is scroll down the page although at the bottom of the page, you have to click on the numbers to get to the previous page, which can take awhile and cause the page to loose traffic if people don't want to wait. Most of the time the images and sounds work on the site, although there is room for improvement. The site is easy to find, when you type in ybf at a search engine it instantly pops up. The news and advertisements line the page of the website, while the main material is in the center, it's alot of activity at once. Comments, dates do help to influence readers about the information.

Overall it's fun to read and look at. It's not the best site out there but with improvement it could look better.


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