Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The Austin American Statesman (http://www.statesman.com/) is a versatile news website. It encompasses the different angles of news that would interest the inhabitants of Austin. Overall it is a credible website.

The title of the website is statesman, with pages such as news; entertainment; hookem.com; classifieds; cars; homes and jobs, and it is complete. The statesman was created in 1994 and changed in 2009; the statesman updates its content constantly. This website is specifically made for the residents of Austin and has a bias for Austin residents, longhorn fans and people interested in the University of Austin. The website has internal and external links that work properly.

The statesman.com is owned by Cox Enterprises. The website provides a number and email in which they can be contacted under the privacy policy link on the bottom of the page. The website makes it clear that their association is the Austin American Statesman and it’s being sponsored by Cox Enterprise. The website is a .com and it seems to be privately owned by the Austin American Statesman meaning it is exclusively for the residents of Austin. Backtracking in the site indicates information from the news publication which hosts the website. The website seems to be accurate, the information is from reporters and some articles are from outside sources in the entertainment page. There is also a print publication for the Austin American Statesman.

The website is very professional looking, free of errors and has appropriate writing styles. The website’s format is useful and meaningful, having easy navigation and the appropriate headings for news, entertainment, etc. The images and sound are working correctly and support the content they are describing, especially in the music section of entertainment. The search engine is working properly and the news and ad sections have different presentation in which you can distinguish both. The fact that this website allows interaction with its audience through comments and updates, impresses me more as a viewer.

Overall, this website is professional, neat, accurate and credible. The website is a very useful tool for austinites. It allows them to obtain pertinent information in news, entertainment, politics, sports, classifieds and more.

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