Monday, November 28, 2011

People Power

Download: The True Story of the Internet is a video series that seeks to share the story of the internet and all of the features of the web that have come to be common place. From the Google search engine to the social media phenomena that is Facebook, the video takes an in depth look into the pioneers of the internetas we know it.

The video series as a whole is fascinating, but the final segment, People Power, is especially interesting, as it deals with web 2.0 technology and the companies that made it possible. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Digg use technology and innovation to give users an interactive online experience that was unprecedented at the time the companies started. These sites, and many others like them, truly empower the everyday internet user and give them channels to express their own unique voice.

I generally take for granted the abilities that I have because of this innovation. I am able to communicate with my friends across the country, share bookmarked websites that I am interested in, and post home-made videos. These things make life easier and vastly more entertaining, and it feels as if they are a necessary part of everyday life. However, after watching the video series, I've come to realize the long, and often difficult, process that innovators like Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook and Sean Parker of Napster had to go through in order to lay the foundation for all of the things that I use casually.

These men had brilliant ideas, that were not always received as such, that shaped the way we use and think about the internet and its capabilities. I can only hope that others will continue this trend of innovation, perhaps even people that I personally know.

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