Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Search Engine Exercise: Wilco

I searched for the members of Wilco and where they were from. My answer is: Jeff Tweedy (Belleville, Illinois), John Stirratt (New Orleans), Nels Cline (Los Angeles), Pat Sansone (Meridian, Mississippi), Mikael Jorgensen (Chicago, Illinois) and Glenn Kotche (Roselle, Illinois). It is important to note that these are the CURRENT members of Wilco and that only the first two were founding members. The group originated from the group, Uncle Tupelo after it had fallen a part.

To find this information, I chose to search Google. I typed in the words: members of Wilco. After hitting the search key, I clicked on the second result: Yahoo! Music Wilco Biography. This was a great source of information about the start of the group and the music the group has produced, but failed to be clear about the current members, or where they were individually from.

From there I went back to my original search and clicked on: Wilco- Wikipedia. This was a great source for the names of the current members. It then had a link for each of their names that gave a personal biography from which I found out where each member was from. It confirmed the original band they had started from. To reconfirm this information, I took the current member names and typed each name into google and searched for applicable biographies. I confirmed each name and birth location.

Case solved. Maybe not the fastest, but I was rather unsure if I was looking for the starting Wilco members or current ones and if I was searching for their birth towns, or where the band was from. So, my biggest obstacle was deciding what information I needed and getting it from a reliable source.

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