Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leader of Stolen Bases in 2002

I began my search for the leader of stolen bases in the national league in 2002, using bing because I was curious about how it would compare to other search engines. The keywords i used were "leader of stolen bases 2002". I compared it to the google search.
Bing's results looked more organized in the format, easier to read. Google's format is not as readable when just browsing through the results.
The first two results in Bing were wikipedia pages that are not known for it's credibility and not easy to narrow down when looking at the content. Also, the links on Bing did not lead directly to a page that had my answer, I had to browse further within the individual sites. The first result in google was the official listing of records by year. Made it very easy to find the answer Luis Castello with 48 stolen bases.
To confirm this, I gave Bing one more chance and I searched "luis castello" to find a web page for him. I found wikipedia a wikipedi link (3rd link down) and I found his records. The 2002 leader in stolen bases was one of them.
I would probably not use Bing in the future but I want to give it another chance in hopes that it will change my mind. After all, I am a microsoft (PC) user and would like to see one of it's products work successfully.

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