Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Internet

The history of the internet fascinates me because of the contributors that helped develop what the internet is today. Although the internet started as a government defense project it ended somewhere no one could have expected. Because of the amount and variety of contributors, we have a type of communication that only the web could provide.
The web is used by everyone and everyone has the oppurtunity to change and mold how they want to use it. It was this "open architecture" design of the internet and web that makes it unique to other forms of media. It was not a group or company that decided what it would be, it was just a group of people that thought it would be cool. It spanned to other users that developed their own ideas of how it should be used. Innovative thinkers that were everyday students are responsible for key developments such as Netscape that invented the user friendly browser. This is the architype used for all browsers and searches that we use today.
The future of the internet is in the current user's hands, our hands.
-Kristi Smith

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