Wednesday, October 5, 2011

PROJECT III: Vote for Peace, Vote for Liberty, Vote for Ron Paul 2012!

Yo, my new website will be a website devoted to the actions of the Austin Ron Paul Activists. We are the ones who were out on the street protesting before Occupy made it cool.

We understand that it's the free market that births prosperity and freedom, and that it is corporatism, not capitalism, that is what makes the 99% poor and the 1% rich (although it's really more like the elite .00001%).

We also understand that the Federal Reserve (which is not Federal and has no reserves) is the heart of the demon that oppresses the people, and as a central bank, is what Thomas Jefferson warned us about when he said, and I paraphrase, "...that if the people ever give the power to issue its currency to a central bank their children will make up homeless on the continent that their fathers conquered...," and that is exactly what is happening. Ben Frank also notes that the reason for the Revolution was not just taxes but the central bank of England was forcing the Colonists to use its money.

Anyways Ron Paul 2012 is the answer to 1984, and if not that then the answer is 1776.

Check out our current website and join the fight for Liberty!

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